10 Fashion Tips Every Man Should Know

You know him when you see him. He’s the well-dressed man on the street corner, hailing a taxi in a suit and tie, looking effortlessly fashionable.

His hair is perfectly coiffed and somehow never rustles in the breeze. His shoes are shined and his sunglasses are in place, and the whole scene is just enviably easy.

While it might seem like a pipe dream, that man could be you. The key is knowing how to embrace the right trends. If you can keep a few basic fashion tips in your back pocket, then you’ll be the envy of every corner and conversation, too.

Today, we’re sharing 10 must-know tips to help you get started.

  1. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

You could invest in the highest-priced duds in the world, but if they’re sagging or ill-fitting, then it could throw the entire look off. If you’re going to reinvent your wardrobe, do it the right way.

This means buying clothes that fit your frame. If you find a piece that you love but it’s not quite the right size, then take it to the tailor. It’s worth paying for their services to ensure your clothes hang on your body the right way.

Every man is built differently, so a shirt that looks great on your co-worker could look frumpy on you, and vice versa. Don’t assume that all trends will work on your physique, and make sure to try on clothes whenever possible before buying them.

  1. Define Your Personal Style

When discussing fashion for men, we have to stress the importance of individuality. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feel pressured to dress for anyone but yourself.

Don’t feel forced to fit a mold. If you love a bright and bold pair of pants, then rock them!

Rather not embrace the wide-legged jean look? Don’t feel forced to. Men’s fashion is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and you should look at it that way.

If you don’t know your personal style preferences, then take the time to develop them. This article is full of important tips to help you get started.

  1. Think Quality, Not Quantity

Take a look at your T-shirt drawer. We’ll wait.

Chances are, you have between five and 10 shirts in there that you haven’t worn since high school. Unless they’re very sentimental, consider donating them and freeing up some room in your closet.

Do the same for all of those holey jeans on the hangers, and the button-down shirts that scream 1995. However, before you go out and replace those empty spaces with new pieces, take a pause.

Instead of buying a ton of new gear, focus on purchasing high-quality items that will stand the test of time. Look for premium materials, handcrafted wares, and companies that focus on environmental activism and sustainability.

This way, you can rest assured that your clothes were created following ethical practices, and contain fibers that won’t break apart after one load in the washing machine. If you really want to overhaul your closet, consider donating or recycling most of what you already own, and creating a capsule wardrobe instead.

  1. Embrace Color

Contrary to popular belief, they do make shoes in more colors than white, brown, and black. If you’re wondering how to be stylish, consider injecting a little color into your clothes!

To avoid looking too bright, stick with one or two pieces and amplify them each day. For instance, a colorful button-down looks great paired with khakis or black denim pants. Similarly, you can’t go wrong with neon joggers and a classic white tee when it’s time to hit the gym.

On your feet, look for bold sneakers that allow you to express every part of your personality. The latest Nike Sakai sneakers are a great place to start, featuring dynamic colorways with hues of green, red, and mustard yellow.

  1. Tend to Your Clothes

This step goes hand-in-hand with taking your clothes to a professional tailor. Once you buy a new piece, take care of it! Follow the instructions on the label when you wash it, and only use substances that will keep the color bright and material intact.

There are certain pieces of clothing, such as a suit, that you can’t toss into the washing machine. In those cases, go ahead and take it to your local dry cleaner. Once the items are clean, hang them up carefully and iron them when necessary.

If you treat your clothes well, they’ll last even longer. Any time you notice something that needs repairing, such as a hole in your shirt or a scratch on your boots, tend to it right away so it won’t snowball into a bigger problem.

  1. Learn From the Experts

Clark Gable. Paul Newman. Frank Sinatra.

There are some stylish men who just exude fashion sense and masculinity. If you’re stuck in a rut and need the inspiration to dress better, watch them in action! Look up an old YouTube video of Sinatra crooning, or cue up Gone With the Wind on your next movie night.

Notice what they wore, and the small accessories that pulled their look together. Many throwback touches, such as bowties, are making a major comeback, so it’s easier than ever to shop for the pieces you need! Fashion trends may come and go, but some classics are forever.

  1. Think Small-Scale

When it comes to dressing well, the small details matter more than you might realize. Even if you get the big-ticket items right, you could still go wrong.

For instance, choosing chinos over jeans for a date night is a smart choice. However, if those jeans don’t fit your frame well, don’t leave them hanging! Add a sturdy belt and try to match it to your shoes, if possible.

Then, take a good look at all of the other small touches that make up your ensemble. Are you wearing tennis socks with dress shoes? Is your collar knotted all wrong?

You might not think these elements matter, but they can throw your whole look off if they’re wrong. If you’re not sure what’s amiss, have a trusted friend or loved one analyze the outfit for you.

  1. Lean on the Side of Formal

Let’s face it. Dress codes can be confusing. Between business casual and white tie only, there is a whole slew of standards and it’s easy to confuse them all.

If you’re ever in doubt, always go formal. It’s better to be the most over-dressed person in the room than the most under-dressed. To make sure you don’t have to run out to the store every time a special occasion comes up, go ahead and invest in the following basic pieces:

  • A white, button-down shirt
  • Good-fitting khaki pants
  • Two-button, single-breasted suit
  • Oxford loafers
  • A modern tie collection

You can always ditch the suit jacket if it feels too stuffy for the occasion. The same goes with loosening your tie. However, we can assure you that you won’t feel out of place if you look like you’re the only one who took the invite seriously.

  1. Stay Informed

One of the best things about the Digital Age is that we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. With the click of a button, you can read a blog post or journal article about fashion for men.

There are also coffee table books, podcasts, and webinars designed to help you dress better and look your best. Use all of these resources to your advantage! Learn from the experts, listen to their advice, and check out images of stylish looks you can replicate at home.

  1. Blend High and Low Styles

Here’s something new to try! Instead of going all-in on a formal or casual look, why not blend the two? This is a look that works especially well at the office, where you want to look polished but also stay comfortable.

Swap one high-end piece for a less expensive one and see the difference it makes. For instance, take off the button-down you’re wearing with your slacks, and put on a concert tee instead.

Now, take the opposite approach. Elevate your athleisurewear with a pair of leather shoes or a structured jacket. It might take a little experimentation, but you’ll have a few looks that work before long.

Put These Men’s Fashion Tips Into Practice

The look you want is within reach. With the right fashion tips, you can seem polished and put-together with minimal effort. The key is understanding your personal style and then taking steps to optimize it.

Invest in key pieces that build your confidence. Get rid of items that don’t work and replace them with higher-quality pieces that do. Glean inspiration from likely and unlikely sources, and you’ll be on the right track.

In the meantime, we’re here with all of the clothing deals and tips you need. Check our Clothing section for more advice!

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