4 Cool Features Found in Gaming Laptops

Traditionally, laptops have always been pretty boring devices. These grey rectangular squares didn’t offer much in the way of looks or excitement; instead, they focused on being incredibly practical and enabling those needing to do work or school tasks on the go or on battery power to do so efficiently. With the explosion of customization of desktop computers, a new range of laptops designed for gamers hit the market in the last few years with more interesting and cool features being included. Here are four of our favorites.

RGB Keyboard Lighting

Nothing says gaming computer at the moment quite like an unreasonable amount of RGB lighting, and gaming laptops are no exception. Usually, this RGB lighting is in the keyboard, but the manufacturer’s logo and flourishes in the design can also glow with all the colors of the rainbow. Speaking of the keyboard, it’s often quite fancy with additional buttons and the ability to create macros – and even the WASD keys and similar are highlighted differently. These small features add a level of personalization to a gaming laptop that you just don’t find in business ones.

High Refresh Rate Screens

Gamers are demanding their computer screens offer more than the standard 60Hz refresh rate we’ve become accustomed to from LCD computer screens over time. Gaming laptops like a Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptop offer much better refresh rates from their displays, sometimes higher than 144Hz, more than double a standard computer screen refresh rate. This makes gaming smoother and easier on the eye, and gamers the world over list a high refresh rate screen as a non-negotiable.

Discrete Display Cards

What would a gaming laptop be without this feature? Perhaps the biggest difference and a staple of a gaming laptop is the inclusion of a good discrete display card. Without it, games wouldn’t play very well, and all of the other features would be redundant. Whether you’re an Nvidia fan on team green or an AMD fan on team red, there’s an option for you to unlock high-quality and smooth gaming on the go with a gaming laptop.

Great Looking Design

The gaming laptop does away with that boring grey rectangle and adds an exciting design philosophy to gaming laptops. Splashes of color, bold and aggressive logos and sharp edges are the design elements you can expect to find from a gaming laptop. They’re interesting to look at and offer gamers a premium look to their system with a design that lets people know that the laptop is for gaming and not boring business work.

There are other features, of course, like better cooling, lots of connectivity options, and many others to round off the list of things you’re going to find in a gaming laptop, but most importantly, they’re designed to do one thing well – run the best and latest video games. Of course, you can type a Microsoft Word document or send an email between gaming sessions on them, but you won’t want to spend much time on that with your favorite games calling your name!

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