5 Generation Z Hair Trends That Will Be Popular in 2022

Gen Z is made up of those born after 1996 and they’re one of the most diverse and educated generations. They’re currently calling the shots for everything from what’s trendy to what’s canceled – including hairstyles.

Every generation inspires a new set of styles and Gen Z hair trends are coming in hot with fresh colors, cuts, and styles. If you want to stay on-trend with the latest hairstyles, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for five of the most popular hair trends for 2022. 

  1. Curtain Bangs

2021 was a popular year for curtain bangs and this trend is totally Gen Z approved. Curtain bangs start with hair parted in the middle and long enough to go past your eyes and frame your face the way a curtain would a window.

This look is soft, feminine, and perfect for an up ‘do. As far as Gen Z haircuts go, this one is not going to go out of style anytime soon. From Camilla Cabello to Jennifer Lopez, you can find this cut style all over the red carpet.

  1. Honey Blonde Highlights 

Honey blonde highlights are the perfect start to summer. It gives your hair a warmer tone with a sun-kissed look.

While bleach blonde was the popular summer color in past years, Gen Z hair color trends are leaning more towards honey blonde streaks. With spring in full swing, you can see many of your favorite Instagrammers rocking these honey hues. If you want to get ready for summer, get highlights and nail this look with an experienced colorist.

  1. Middle Parted Long Locks 

According to Gen Z, the side part is officially canceled. The only way to rock your long hair is with a part right down the middle.

This is evident with any Gen Z influencer or celebrity. The middle part is all about symmetry and less importance on hair volume.

  1. The Broccoli Cut 

The “broccoli” cut is one of the most commonly seen Gen Z haircut memes. It’s been referred to as a mop or even a nest.  This is one of the popular Gen Z hairstyles for men in 2022. It features a shaggier bang and a messier overall look.

It is inspired by the ’90s as well as current K-pop stars. This is a fun look and with the right cut, it can be effortlessly cool. It is especially popular for a Gen Z short hairstyle.

  1. Wigs and Extensions 

Wigs and extensions are a fun and easy way to get some instant color and volume to your look. Gen Z-inspired hair enhancements are all about funky colored extensions and wigs.

These are great because they don’t damage your real hair and you can change your look often.

Stay on Trend With These Five Gen Z Inspired Styles  

Gen Z currently decides what’s cool and what’s not, and if you want to stay in style, you’ve got to follow suit. Be sure to try the broccoli cut, curtain bangs, honey blonde highlights, middle-parted hair, and colorful hair enhancements.

If you found this article helpful, keep coming back to our awesome blog for all things trending and the latest from Gen Z.

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