5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Lightsaber

Perhaps you are caught up with the Star Wars saga and are ready to learn new ways of the Force. You know you can be strong with the Force. Though you can’t be a Jedi without one of the best lightsabers.

Probably this is what has brought you here to buy the right lightsaber. If that is the case, you are right to do so as you will learn more about the following factors that you need to consider when buying the best lightsaber:

1.     A Comfortable Hilt

A lightsaber looks great. Though this kind of ornate weapon is meant for you to show off to your family members or friends. You can be planning to do it in combat, and it might save you in the future.

For that reason, ensure that hilt of your lightsaber is comfortable to hold. You might be keeping the weapon frequently. So owning something which is ergonomic and won’t tire you quickly may go a long way.

2.     Durability

If you are planning to buy a lightsaber for cosplay, an exhibition, or dueling, you will have to check out a quality weapon that ensures its longevity.

Features, the electronics, blade, and hilt must be able to withstand the shipping process and normal handling. You don’t want to receive a broken lightsaber as a package. It will be very disappointing.

It is a known fact that Darth Vader lightsaber is sturdier compared to most sabers, which are of low quality. In general, customer reviews may help you determine if a lightsaber is a quality or not.

3.     Ease of Use

It is advisable to buy a lightsaber, which is simple to maintain and use, so as to avoid additional costs. Consider going for lightsabers, which have a recharge port or battery so you may supply power to allow your weapon to function constantly.

Don’t assume buying a lightsaber, which you may easily turn off and on, as this can result in frustrations when using the weapon. Make sure that you invest in a lightsaber, which is simple to assemble, fix, and clean parts.

4.     Power Options

Most lightsabers get powered by a battery. They are mostly powered by an AA battery that might or might not be included in a package and should be bought separately based on the model.

These weapons are incapable of producing movie lights and sounds, which they provide without a power source. So when determining power, it’s imperative to assess the power-saving abilities of a lightsaber.

5.     Blade Lights

A lightsaber blade should have a visual effect. But the visual effect on a lightsaber blade is designed to look somehow shaky to make the weapon seem like it is vibrating.

A lightsaber blade also complements the lighting with sound effects. Some blades may also enable you to change the colors.

In general, quality blades offer an epic transmission from the color red to blue. So blades with a feature of switching colors will light up in various colors each time you turn them on.

Concluding Thoughts!

Whether you are looking for a lightsaber for cosplay or movie production, it is imperative that the right weapon is unmatched. The best way to get such a weapon is to consider key factors like blade lights, durability, power options, and hilt, just to name a few.

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