Blocking the Bad: Benefits of Using Blue Light Readers

The light that you see is complex. It is composed of different components and particles that are good, as well as dangerous for your eyes. When going out of the house, you expose yourself to the sunlight; switching on your fluorescent light can expose you to light; turning on and watching movies to your phone as well as using the computer at work. There are invisible light rays that can have vast effects to you and to your eyesight.

First of all, what is this blue light that they talk about? Blue light waves are one of the shortest and highest energy wavelengths that are visible in the light spectrum. For non scientific people, let us start off with the sun. Sunlight is composed of not only one, but lots of light rays – red, yellow, orange, green and blue. There are many more shades present in the sun and it depends on the energy and wavelength emitted by the rays.

This means that we can also get blue light rays from the sun, not only from the digital devices that we used. The sun or sunlight is the main source of blue light. The outdoors is where we get the most exposure to blue light. The display screens of our computer monitors, smart phones, tablets and other digital devices give off significant amounts of blue light as well.

Our eyes are not good in blocking blue light.  Visible blue light passes through our cornea and lens, then reaches the retina. Not all glasses can protect these parts of the eye. It is advised to get a pair of blue light eye glasses to prevent more blue light damage to your eye sight.

When exposed to too much blue light, there is a high risk of having macular degeneration. This visual impairment may lead to permanent vision loss. When it comes to other matters, too much exposure to blue light can affect the brain. It wires the brain to think that it is daytime. This will lead the body to stop releasing melatonin, the sleep hormone, and delay our sleeping pattern.

Going back to the old days, there were no such things as glasses that specialized for specific types of light. Eye glasses were made for people to have ease in reading and seeing things. Today, there are different types of glasses specially made for specific purposes.

There are reading glasses, prescription glasses, sports glasses and many more kinds of eye glasses.  There is a specific type of glasses that can help you in blocking blue light radiations. Blue light blocking reading glass is the type of eye glass that helps in reducing eye fatigue. It prevents your eye from getting dry, especially when looking at digital devices such as computer screens, smart phones, tablets, and television sets.

Blue light readers say that blue light blocking glasses help them a lot.  They said that these types of glasses helped them have better sleep and reduced the eye strain they experienced.  There are also experts and researchers that proved that using blue light glasses when using devices before going to sleep can help lead to a better and more peaceful sleep during the night.

Is there a need for blue light glasses? Yes, especially when your work requires you to look at a computer screen for so long. It is also important to practice screen hygiene when you are not fortunate enough to have blue light blocking eye glasses.

When you feel that you already have a blurry vision after looking at a device, you must take a rest. Dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain. If these problems still occur after resting, it is suggested that you seek professional help.

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