How to Cut Costs While Buying Everything on Your Shopping List

When it’s time to save money, a lot of people resort to crossing things off their shopping lists. They think that in order to be economical, they have to buy fewer items. Therefore, they miss out on the things they truly want to buy.

What if there was a way to buy every single item on your shopping list and still save money? Keep reading for our guide on how to cut costs without cutting your grocery list.

Look Down

When you’re in the store, where are you looking for items? Most people automatically peruse the shelves at eye level. Many grocery stores know this, and they place higher-priced items on those midsection shelves.

For better deals, look at the bottom two shelves. It can save you up to several dollars per item, and that really adds up!

Know Where to Go For Deals

It always helps if you know where to shop for the best deals. Some stores, like Dollar General, offer significant markdowns on their merchandise. Penny shopping is when items get marked down as low as they can possibly be.

Track Sales Cycles

If you make a note every time your favorite items go on sale, you can usually figure out discount cycles and know when to shop for particular items. Spend less by tracking sales cycles at your favorite stores.

Stores are generally busier on weekends, which means that if you go midweek, you can catch deals before they get bought out.

Additionally, the time of day that you shop can have an effect on how much money you save. If you go early in the morning, you can take advantage of specials before everyone else gets to the store. The early bird gets the worm!

Buy Generic Brands

If you can find generic brands, they tend to run cheaper than name-brand items. This is a great way to save money on items where the brand doesn’t matter very much. If the store you go to has its own brand, these tend to be cheaper as well!

Start Paying Attention to Unit Prices

Is there an item that looks more expensive, but actually has more content? To save money, you need to start paying attention to the unit price.

The unit price will be listed on a product’s packaging. It will tell you the amount of money you are spending per unit of the product (the unit will depend on what you are buying.)

For items that you use regularly and a lot of, this trick is very helpful. If something has a higher total price but a lower unit price, then it is worth buying the more expensive item.

Never Skimp On Your Shopping List Again

When the budget gets tight, your shopping list is often the first thing that gets slimmed down. But with the above tips, you’ll never have to do that again. You can get everything on your list at an affordable price.

For more easy shopping hacks, check out our Buy & Deal section and keep reading.

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