How To Pick The Right Earring Designs For Your Face Shape

Has it ever happened to you that you buy a pair of earrings impulsively as they sport a striking look, but then you realize that they don’t suit you? Of course, it must have. It has happened with all of us, not once, not twice, but so many times. Now, this doesn’t mean that the design is not up to the mark, or you are not able to carry them. Usually, the reason is that the design of the earrings doesn’t complement the shape of your face.

Earrings are worn to complement a woman’s face. But the shapes of the faces differ from person to person. Hence, the same pair of earrings look great on a particular person whilst looking basic on the other person.

To rock the perfect pair of earrings that will enhance your facial features, all you need to do is choose the earrings based on your face shape. How to do so?

Do not worry, we are here to guide you with this. Here are some of the common face shapes and earrings for women that would look great on them.

  1. Round face – If you have a circular-shaped face with fuller cheeks, then you must go for long drop danglers and kundan earrings to give your face a slimmer look. Avoid wearing large hoops and round earrings that will make your face look rounder.
  2. Oblong face – If you have a long and slim face, then go for round stud earrings for women, hoop earrings, and even short danglers to enhance the width of your face. Round-shaped earrings are best to emphasize the width of your face and enhance its look.
  3. Square face – If you have got wide square jaws, then it means you have a square-shaped face, and you need to soften the edges of the face with proper styling. For this, you can choose medium to long length earrings with a round design. Oval or round shaped earrings will work great for your face type. Remember to stay away from stud earrings.
  4. Heart-shaped face – If you have a wide forehead, smaller cheeks, and narrow lower half, then you come in heart-shaped face brigade. To balance the width of your chin with your forehead, you can trust the chandelier or teardrop pair of earrings for women. This will make the bottom of your face appear to be wider than its actual width so that your face looks perfectly balanced.
  5. Inverted triangle-shaped face – Is your forehead the widest part of the face? Do you have a tapering chin? If yes, then you have an inverted triangle-shaped face. This type of face structure resembles a lot to heart-shaped face, just the heart-shaped face is smaller in length. To enhance your face and make the forehead look less wide, you will have to make your jawline look wider. For this, you can again trust teardrop and chandelier earrings as they make the best earrings for women with an inverted triangle-shaped face.

Earrings for women are like a flower for garden. Follow these tips, and we are sure you will gather compliments. Remember whichever pair of earrings you choose must match your personality and not just the current trend. Your style speaks a lot about you than you think it does.

Happy accessorising!

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