Learn More About Throw Levers For Shooting & Hunting!

If you love shooting and would want to change the magnification of your variable optics, you should definitely consider buying throw levers. These are also called power levels, or sometimes, as cat tails. For those who are using low-power variable optics, Switchview standard fold down lever can be really handy. Instead of manual movement that can take time to switch between magnification levels, all you have to do is hold the stick. From scanning a target somewhere in the woods, to shooting the target when in close range, you can do things rather quickly with a throw lever.

What do throw levers matter?

If you are just learning the tricks of the game, you don’t need a throw lever, at least early on. However, when it comes to competitive gaming, or hunting in the woods, timing is a tad more important factor. You don’t have the time for a mistake, or to change your magnification levels. In simpler words, throw levers give you that extra little advantage in competition, and also for shooting in the wild. You can expect to change your magnification levels faster, and in a much simpler way. If you don’t understand some of the OEM options that are available in the market, the good news is you can buy throw levers additionally. There are practically endless YouTube videos that offer amazing insight on how to choose and pick between throw levers.

Buying throw levers

There are many options in throw levers as we mentioned, and you will find it super easy to adjust the scope. What matters for your purchase is the scope size, which determines the kind of throw lever you need to buy. Note that each of these throw levers have been designed for specific uses. Most online stores that sell throw levers have a chart that will help you understand the kind of product you need, based on your scope. You have to also check if the product is affordable, although online stores are likely to have better products at lower rates.

Final word

While throw levers may not seem necessary, these are definitely handy and useful. Just make sure that you check the measurements and charts, and if you are buying online, check if the store offers the choice of returns and exchange. These are just a few basic things to take note, but overall, throw levers are worth every penny spent.

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