Seven Types of Hats for Men for Any Style

Are you looking to add a hat to your accessories? If you are a stylish man, we are certain that hats are an important part of your fashion accessories.

Different types of hats for men have become so popular over the years. Hats add versatility, functionality, and style to every man’s look.

They are suitable and practical in any season, be it rain, shine, snow, or hail. The hat will shelter you from the sun and keep you warm during cold times while still looking great.

Also, different types of mens hats add a varying finishing touch to any classy, casual, and eclectic ensemble in a simple way.

Do want to know seven types of hats for men for any style? Then, keep reading to learn.

1. Panama Hat

The Panama men’s hats are not actually from Panama but Ecuador. But, they have some similarities to authentic Panama hats from Panama. The two similarities are in the material and lightweight and nothing more.

Ecuadorians use paja toquilla palm tree fibers to make hats. The fibers are breathable making the hats suitable for hot tropical weather.

The basic shape of these hats for men is a high crown and a wide brim. The hats can have some decorative ribbons around the crown.

Are you looking for versatile types of hats to wear during hot summer seasons? Consider purchasing a classic Panama hat.

2. Flat Cap

The flat caps have a humble beginning but are now very popular among celebs and television characters. Also known as “tweed caps,” the hats are perfect for men due to their wide range of use.

You can wear them when watching a game or at the bar with friends. Designers use tweed or wool with stiff brims and warm linings to make the caps. The hats are popular in cool climates.

People often confuse the hats with “newsboy” caps, but they are not the same. The flat caps are among the many ranch brand hats previously popular farmers hats.

3. Bucket Hat

The hats have a soft and heavy-duty cotton material. They are popular among men who spend most of their time outdoors because of their simple portable design.

It is not only fishermen who wear bucket hats. They are also good for sailing, surfing, and kayaking. Bucket hats for men have a 2-3 inches wide brim that is perfect for protecting you from direct sunlight.

They have eyelets, which are small ventilation holes. This hat style for men is so popular among Asian Fashion. The popular Boy group BTS always wears the hat; hence the reason it is very popular among Asians.

4. Baseball Cap

The classic baseball cap is the best all-purpose hat. You claim your allegiance to your favorite team, corporation, or organization by wearing a baseball cap. The caps come in various designs and colors.

It does not matter how you wear them. It could be frontwards, sideways, or backward, with each direction portraying something about you.

If you have short or no hair, a baseball cap will have you looking younger and more athletic. The hats are soft, comfortable, and fully adjustable to any head size. They also have ventilation holes and a long front bill to shade your eyes from direct sunlight.

5. Derby Hats

Also known as bowler hats, the derby hat is iconic and has been popular since the mid-1800s. You may know them as “Charlie Chaplin” hats though they associate with other popular people like Winston Churchill.

When it comes to British Style, the derby hat is iconic. Pop cultures are the reason why the hat remains a British Icon.

The cap has a rounded crown with a short and rolled-up brim made with soft wool felt. Letting it sit evenly on your head with the sides about 2 inches above the ears is the standard way to wear the hat.

If the brim happens to rest on your ears, the derby hat is too big for you. Choose the derby if you love a classic retro style.

The hat is a bit less formal and is very popular among the working class.

6. Pork Pie Hat

The hat received popularity from the show Breaking Bad because it was a regular accessory. The pork pie hat style was most famous in the 19th century.

The hat has small round tops with a single circular crease extending around the circumference of the crown. Also, here is a narrow brim that curls up around the perimeter.

Since the hat is more popular, many hipster stylists prefer the look. The hat provides a modern and classy aesthetic.

Designers use different materials such as straw, felt, or silk-covered canvas to make the hats. If you lack a bit of hair on the top of your head and want an attractive hat, consider the pork pie hat.

7. Boater Hats

Even though the hat is often associated with sailing or boating activities, it is not always the case. You will look appropriate wearing it when strolling the park in the afternoon.

The boater is a semi-formal hat with a straight, flat brim and a crown. Designers use a lightweight material with a thick ribbon around the crown’s circumference.

You Now Know Different Types of Hats for Men

If you are among the men that feel exposed with no hat on their heads, consider adding any one of the above types of hats for men.

Note that most hats for men will suit your taste and will also go well with your unique style. The hats are also available in different styles, colors, and designs.

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