Carrying your clubs on the golf course is not only tiring but also outdated. Considering that golf clubs have a substantial amount of weight, walking through the terrains with a heavy load on your back depletes your energy, adversely affecting your game. To ensure you are bursting with energy during the game, it is advisable to invest in a golf trolley.

Purchasing a golf trolley need not be an expensive affair. Being a member of a golf club is enough financial burden. Instead of purchasing a new one, opt for a secondhand golf trolley.

Secondhand golf trolleys? Do they even exist?

A simple answer is yes!

There is an array of secondhand trolleys available for purchase. Whether you are a professional golfer or just trying your hand in the sport, you will find an ideal golf trolley for you. They come in a variety of sizes, functionality, and brands. They also retail at significantly lower prices as compared to new ones. To fully immerse yourself in a world full of golfing possibilities with secondhand golf trolleys, you can find out more here.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Golf Trolley

Whether you are in the market for a new or used golf trolley, some factors need consideration to influence your purchasing decision.

Allow me to expound.

  • Type of trolley

There are two major types of golf trolleys available in the market; manual and electric trolleys. Manual trolleys are further broken into pull and push trolleys.

Manual trolleys are ideal for flatter courses while their electric counterparts are better suited for hilly courses. So, if you are playing on an uneven golf course, purchasing a manual push or pull trolley is not a great idea.

  • Material

Golf trolleys are made from different materials with the most common being aluminium, titanium, and steel. Aluminium is a light material and will easily cruise around the course without much strain. Titanium is also low on weight but stronger than aluminium.

Steel, on the other hand, is a heavy material. Most people love it for its durability as it rarely dents. To make it easier for golfers to use it, manufacturers mount it on stable wheels.

  • Performance

How well a golf trolley performs on the course is another thing to consider. Golf trolleys come in different capacities and you need to be sure how much weight it can carry. If you play on a hilly course and settle for an electric trolley, inquire about its climb capacity.

Electric trolleys use batteries. As such, you need to countercheck the operating range of the batteries to avoid instances where they run out while a game is in progress.

  • Additional features

We live in a world where sophistication is part and parcel of an item’s functionality. In a bid to ensure customer satisfaction, manufacturers are unveiling golf trolley models with additional features such as bottle and ball holders. Umbrella mounts are now a must-have feature in most trolleys, with others coming in custom designs.

Here, it is all about preference.

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