Vintage Fashion Trends: What’s Hot Right Now?

Did you know two-thirds of the U.S. GDP comes from retail purchases? People love to shop for clothing and accessories especially.

If you’re looking to redesign your wardrobe and add new outfits to your closet, you should consider adding some vintage fashion pieces. What are some of the vintage fashion trends popular today?

This guide will discuss some pieces you should add to your closet. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Classy Silk Scarves

Printed silk scarves were a staple accessory in the 1970s, and they’re making a comeback today. You might have already seen influencers across your social media sporting this vintage fashion style in their everyday looks.

These scarves offer a lot of versatility, so you can create all kinds of unique looks with this vintage fashion accessory. You can use a printed scarf as a headband or wear it to wrap your hair.

Wear a vintage printed scarf around your neck to complement a neutral outfit in the fall. In the summer, you can wear a silk scarf as a top if you want to create a bold look.

Traditional Vests

Next on the list of vintage clothes trending this year is the traditional vest. A solid color vest and pants combination creates a fierce look.

You can also create great looks by layering your vest. Wear one over a turtleneck sweater or under a plain blazer for a vintage-inspired outfit at the office.

You can also choose a vest paired with some jeans for a more casual look that keeps some vintage elements in the outfit.

Tinted Eyewear

Another popular style in the 1970s, tinted sunglasses is making a comeback today. Tinted lenses with rectangular frames are becoming more popular in photoshoots and on fashion runways.

Pair your tinted glasses with a breezy summer outfit like a white top and a jean skirt. Oversized tinted sunglasses also pair well with earthy colors like greens and yellows. Keep that in mind when putting together your outfits.

Bold Prints

Bold and colorful patterns were major components of the fashion world in the ’60s and ’70s. These prints are part of the modern vintage fashion scene of today.

Unique prints represent freedom of expression in fashion. Clashing prints and colors are the best ways to create an outfit honoring this trend.

Pair this kind of outfit with more subtle accessories to create a bit of balance. Check out Jender for more inspiration.

Old School Florals

The most popular addition to the vintage fashion aesthetic is the old-school floral piece. Think about the fabric on your grandmother’s couches and cushions when imagining this kind of outfit.

Vintage floral dresses create a period piece kind of look. If you want to modernize it, you can add accessories like strappy heels or diamond earrings.

Vintage Fashion Trends You Should Try

If you want to venture into vintage fashion, start with the trends in this guide. Printed silk scarves can be worn in many different ways. Have fun with bold patterns too.

Check out some of the other clothing and shopping blogs on our site for more fashion tips.

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